SENSI v3, NFT’s and Smart Yield: what’s all coming!?

SENSI v3, NFT’s and Smart Yield: what’s all coming!?

Dear Sensi Community,

We are delighted to share with you what’s next for Sensi. We have been working hard the past months in order to reach that long awaited milestone we have been all waiting for and now we can say that we are really, really close. Thanks to all of you for your patience. It has been a journey, also for the SENSI team. So, what’s all coming?



  • Token supply reduced by 6 zeros
  • Buy tax 5%, Sell tax 9%
  • Claim tool to claim your new SENSI tokens
  • Early claim & locking rewards (the more you buy before v3 migration, the higher your bonus rewards)
  • New SENSI Locking contract
  1. Own a SENSI art collectors NFT, visible in the SENSI app and Trust Wallet
  2. Benefit from extra migration rewards
  3. 100k extra SENSI and /or lifelong waiver of buy taxes in Sensi v3!

Smart Yield launch

  • Smart Yield deployment

Smart Yield testing

  • Deployment Tests
  • Alpha Program
  • Public Beta



The current SENSI token (contract address 0x7869044D36ea75975B793ca4312608cc3817895B) will be replaced by the new SENSI v3 token (contract address t.b.a.). The token name and ticker will stay the same. We’re currently preparing our v3 contract for deployment, working off a certik-audited base contract. V3 will initially be deployed without any liquidity, or trading possibility. More about this later.

Don’t be scared when you see less SENSI v3 tokens in your wallet than you are used to see with SENSI v2. This is normal. We are reducing the supply by 6 digits, meaning 1 trillion tokens become 1 million tokens, but the total value will be the same upon trading start. This means 1 SENSI will be worth 1.000.000 times the old value, but your total holding is worth the same as before.

New Total Supply SENSI v3
232.9 Trillion SENSI v2 → 232.9 Million SENSI v3 + 5% (used for token migration locking bonus + contract development & deployment) = Total new supply at start 244.5 Million SENSI v3.

New buy & sell tax levels
In order to generate enough constant income for the project to maintain development as well as marketing and team compensation, the tax levels will change, with buy taxes increasing from 4% to 5%, while sell taxes are bumped up to 9%. The tax levels will be made dynamic, which means that the team can decide to temporarily lower tax levels for various purposes such as promotional events. Read further in this update about a unique possibility to bring buy tax to zero. Yes, you are reading that correctly: you have the unique chance to never pay buy tax anymore :-)

SENSI v2 trading will be completely stopped
All trading on SENSI v2 will come to a full stop in order to avoid arbitrage trading between the old and the new token. This means you will not be able to buy or sell the old token, nor you will be able to transfer the old token from to another wallet. Please make sure that all SENSI tokens stored on Digifinex have been transferred back to your non-exchange wallet like Metamask, Trustwallet, etc. Do also note that there will be downtime (i.e., both V2 and V3 will not be tradeable) as we transfer liquidity from V2 to V3, and we will remind everyone before we proceed to do so.

Snapshot will be taken of all wallets
A snapshot will be created of all wallets with the corresponding v2 token amounts, as a backup, and for future reference.

Liquidity moving from SENSI v2 to SENSI v3
We will pull all liquidity from SENSI v2 and move it over to SENSI v3, while trading of both tokens will be disabled. In case you provide a sizable amount of liquidity to SENSI v2, please inform @AR_le or @MrFrismint. We can accommodate you in moving this to the new token upon request.

Claim your new SENSI v3 tokens (completion: 30%)
We are in the process of building a tool to claim your v3 tokens. The tool will issue your new Sensi (v3) based on the amount of v2 tokens you have in your wallet or in the locking contract (divided by 1,000,000).

The tool will be available on when we announce its completion, and you will be able to claim your v3 Sensi for a period of 3 months.

!! Make sure to have at least some BNB (i.e. 0.01 BNB) in your wallet for gas !!

Quick claiming and locking will get you extra tokens
To incentivize a quick and swift migration, everyone has the chance to earn some extra SENSI v3 tokens. Migrate your Sensi v2 wallet and locked balances to SENSI v3 tokens as soon as possible when the migration tool is live and we’ll add some extra SENSI on top of your locked balance. In other words, the more you buy & lock BEFORE the migration, the more bonus you will get!

!! Attention !!

  • The timeframes in the below table start from the moment the migration tool is live, NOT from when you do the migration itself. If you migrate later than 2 weeks after the start of the migration, you will NOT be eligible for receiving the reward bonus on your locked balance, but the normal locking rewards will apply at all times.
  • In order to receive your migration bonus, your lock has to be active BEFORE migration, either by a running 28 day lock or redeemable fund in the locking contract.
  • Everyone will have to use the tool, no matter if your tokens are in your wallet or locked in the Sensi Locking contract. You don’t need to wait till your lock has ended.
  • All your existing SENSI v2 locks (active 28 locks as well as redeemable amounts) will migrate to a new single SENSI v3 lock automatically after migration execution. In other words: If you don’t want your redeemable SENSI v2 to be locked in v3, then you will have to send them first to your wallet, before executing the migration.
  • Bonus tokens will be provided as a secondary lock. SENSI rewards will be distributed accordingly.

Summary of what the claim/migration tool will do:
1. Everyone will have to use the migration tool. SENSI v2 tokens in your wallet and in locks will be converted to SENSI v3
2. SENSI v2 tokens in active locks as well as redeemable tokens will convert to SENSI v3 and be locked (consolidated in one big lock) for 28 days again
3. The migration bonus goes into a separate lock and only applies over #2


We are excited to announce our very first offering of SENSI NFT’s. We will be offering 150 NFT’s with Art designs to be visible in your Trust wallet or SENSI app! The NFT’s aren’t just shiny art creations, but they offer a unique set of benefits for its holder!

  • Collectors NFT with art design, to be published soon(available for both Rare & Legendary NFT holders)
  • 2x migration bonus multiplier on your locked balance if locked within the applicable timeframe (available for Legendary NFT holders)
    The Rare NFT holders buy basically into a very beneficial SENSI OTC deal. By paying 500 BUSD, the holder of the NFT guarantees himself 100K SENSI v3 tokens (10K each month during 10 months) which has at current low price level already a value of 740 BUSD at the time of writing (instant 50% profit virtually). Everyone can do the calculation on what the profit will be in case SENSI is 2x or 4x the current price. The buy is tax free as well, which means another 5% saving on top of the discount.
  • The team reserves the right to adjust the launch price of the Rare NFT, depending on the SENSI token price development before launch. In case the price of SENSI goes down, the team will lower the buying price of the Rare NFT to ensure 50% virtual profit upon purchase. In case the SENSI token rises sharply in value the team can increase the buying price of the Rare NFT to a maximum equal to the Legendary token (975 USD), but always with a minimum instant virtual profit of 50%)
    It’s simple: next to the migration bonus multiplier, you just never pay SENSI buy tax anymore after our v3 contract is life as long as you hold the NFT in the wallet you buy with. This also means that you can basically buy yourself out of the tax increase to come in SENSI v3 as only the sell tax remains, which is with 9% nearly the same as the old 4% on both buy and sell tax (8% together)! Happy trading & accumulation!
  • Max one Rare NFT’s can be bought per wallet
  • Max one Legendary NFT can be bought per wallet
  • A wallet can buy both types of NFT’s
  • NFT buying window will stay opens on April 3rd for a period of 21 days (April 24th). Don’t miss out on this unique chance to own one of these precious NFT’s. A next round of sale might either never happen or just in a long time from now.
  • In order to enjoy the reduced buy tax benefits of the NFT when buying SENSI v3 tokens, make sure you buy the SENSI tokens with the wallet that holds the NFT. We will not be able to reimburse buy tax when a different wallet is used.


Smart Yield Deployment (expected date range: 2 weeks (started)): finish to be expected in week 7–8 after token migration.
The code delivered by First Bridge needs to be adapted to fit our SENSI v3 contract. This can only be done after successful migration into SENSI v3.
Smart Yielder contract is the investment contract and takes the most time to develop. Rest of the platform is already in development and will be finished earlier. When the code is successfully deployed, we go through our testing phases.

Deployments tests (expected date range: 1 week): Start of tests to be expected in week 9 after token migration
Initial Testing with core developers and team. First Bridge is involved in this stage.

Alpha program (expected date range: 1–2 weeks): Start of tests to be expected in week 10–11 after token migration
Testing expands to our alpha testers for a period of 1–2 weeks. We have 20 extra slots that will be made available.

Beta program (expected date range: 1 week): Start of tests to be expected in week 12 after token migration
SY becomes available for the public.



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