Sensi & First Bridge partner up for SmartYield development

Amsterdam, Netherlands & Kyiv, Ukraine — October 21tst 2021

Sensi and First Bridge are excited to announce a new technological partnership, in which they contracted First Bridge. This collaboration will help Sensi develop the SmartYield (previously called SmartStake) platform. SmartYield aims to increase investors’ yield and reduce their risks compared to conventional DeFi staking platforms. This partnership will bring the technology that improves yield staking, investing, and trading with the ultimate goal of increasing adoption of DeFi services by a broad audience.

“Partnering with First Bridge represents a major milestone in the Sensi project timeline and we are delighted to be able to finally announce this partnership officially to the community for the first time. Our previous development work has mostly been carried out in-house; with the ambitious scale of our current and future plans. However, it became clear that sourcing a specialist, external development partner was the best way for us to deliver on our targets. With this in mind, we are delighted to be working with a company with the knowledge and experience of First Bridge, in order to deliver a product that offers real value to both our investors and the DeFi community at large.” Says Patrick van Huet, CEO of Sensi

“”We are thrilled to start working with Sensi. Their mission of providing DeFi services that are easier and more accessible to a wide audience, combined with our expertise in the development of blockchain and DeFi solutions will push forward the technology in this industry,” says Daniel Korogodksi, CEO at First Bridge. “Sharing knowledge and helping Sensi build their SmartYield Platform will contribute to the mass adoption of DeFi technology. I believe that development of easy to use investment tools has a long term goal of improving financial literacy among the population and creating new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.”

About Sensi:

Sensi is a DeFi project built around the SENSI token, with the goal of making the rewards available in decentralised finance easier and more accessible to a wider range of investors. Sensi’s flagship project is SmartYield (previously SmartStake), an intelligent investment platform that takes user-deposited funds and leverages automation in order to diversify across a selection of the best paying sustainable yield farms, maximising yield while minimising volatility in the form of impermanent loss. SmartYield’s modular design also ensures compatibility with new DeFi investment types that may arise in future, ensuring the Sensi project remains at the cutting edge of decentralised finance investing for years to come.

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About First Bridge:

First Bridge is a research and development company that helps companies to build impactful solutions powered by the latest technologies. With 60+ exceptional developers, we work on cutting-edge products and services from idea creation to turn-key solutions. We measure our success by the success of our clients, and we proudly say that our products are used by millions of people across the globe.

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First Bridge, Media Contact: Gleb Kapusto

Sensi, Media Contact: Tony, COO Sensi:



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